Books by Alan Dale Dickinson

Charlie O’ Brien, Private Investigator              $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

Kidnap Country                                                    $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

The Money Changer                                             $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

For the Love of Money                                        $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

5.  Charlie’s Private Eye Angels                          $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

6.  Orange County Confidential                          $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

7.  Baghdad Confidential                                     $7.99     Also available in eBook $1.99

“How to Write a Novel”                                        $7.99     Also available in eBook $2.99

Please Order on (Available in paperback, Kindle and E-books)

Please feel free to contact me, Professor Alan Dale Dickinson:


P.O. Box 3962

Laguna Hills, Ca 92654

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